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Color Consulting: Alliance Painting proudly offers color consulting to our clients. Sarah, our consultant and Owner, has a keen eye for design and can help you pick colors that will accentuate your home. She’s known for not pushing her ideas on you, rather she listens to your needs and helps you formulate a color scheme based on what you want. She’s been praised by all our clients she’s worked with – we’re certain you’d find her expertise valuable as well.

Interior Painting: Alliance Painting specializes in fine residential interior painting. When painting walls and ceilings, its critical to properly cover and protect your home. We use brand new floor and furniture covering on every project in an effort to decrease dust and dirt, and prevent spills and drips. We take pride in achieving uniformity when painting walls and ceilings. To achieve this, we always maintain a wet edge (cut-in). On your wood trim and doors, we properly prepare these surfaces by cleaning with a thinner solution and a scuff sand.  Check out our interior price list!

Exterior Painting: Alliance Painting is the preferred choice for residential exterior painting in the DFW market. The most important and time-consuming portion of an exterior paint project is the preparation. We always begin with a pressure wash. This step is designed to clean all the surfaces that will be painted. This also knocks down wasp nests, mud-dobbers, and spider webs. Most homes in Texas have wood-rot somewhere on there home. We specialize in wood-rot repair – if you have rotted wood, we remedy this after the pressure wash. The next step in the process is to caulk and seal the home – we run a bead of caulk in all joints on surfaces to be painted. We use a spray application so preparing your home for spray is crucial. We take the proper measures to ensure no over spray occurs.  Check out our exterior price list!

Who Should Provide The Paint For Your Project?

Cabinet Refinishing: Alliance Painting understands that the most important room in your home is your kitchen. As such, we’ve crafted a proprietary process to refinish your cabinets. We specialize in painting cabinets. Given that your kitchen is so important in your daily life, cabinet refinishing is a very invasive process. We do all our cabinet work in your kitchen. This requires detailed preparation work to ensure all your counter-tops, appliances and flooring is properly covered. A typical cabinet job takes 3-4 days. It’s also a very smelly endeavor – we always advise our clients to vacate the home during a cabinet project. Cabinet refinishing is an economical way to give your kitchen a new look when compared to replacing or refacing your cabinets. The transformations are unbelievable!

Fence & Deck Staining: Alliance Painting takes great pride in maintaining your exterior wood surfaces. Due to the nature of wood and the weather conditions in North Texas, it’s recommended that you stain exterior wood surfaces every 3 or 5 years, depending on the type of stain that was applied to your fence. A transparent or semi-transparent stain typically will last about 3 years. A solid color stain will last about 5 years. Due to the longevity of solid color stains, we recommend that you always consider a solid color stain as an option. We provide a 1 year warranty on all exterior wood surfaces.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal: Alliance Painting has designed our crews to accommodate these projects. Much like cabinet refinishing, popcorn ceiling removal projects are very invasive for you as we cover and protect your entire home (or every room where popcorn will be removed). This is a very detailed process and important process to ensure your home is properly protected from texture and paint. Due to the inherent mess that ensues when removing the popcorn and the re-texture that follows, we also recommend that our clients vacate there homes for these projects. It can be a stressful situation for our clients but we’re here to tell you that the end-result is well worth it. Not only does it update your home, but the value of your home is likely to increase. Popcorn removal is a great investment for any home owner.

Wallpaper Removal: Alliance Painting is contracted to remove wallpaper every week. It’s a very common practice as its an effective way to update and transform the look of your home.

If you’re looking to revitalize your home, we offer many services that can achieve the results you desire.