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Do You Need To Be At Home, While Its Getting Painted?

 Picking The Right Interior Color Is All About Who You Are

You Don’t Have To Be Alone

It All Starts When You Hire Us  

At that point we will get you in touch with our ColorShrink who will meet with you at your home. No matter your style,  Chic and Trendy, Craftsman, Crisp White, Shiny Pastels, Cozy Retreat, Urban Country, Fixer Upper, or Luxurious Modern we have you covered. We are on-top of all the latest color trends.

Our ColorShrink Eliminates The Risk Of Poor Color Choices

With Thousand Of Color Options, Picking One Can Be Overwhelming....It's important its correct

  • We’re not painting spaces, we’re painting your home
  • It’s personal and you deserve to be happy
  • Your home should reflect the best parts of you
  • Nobody should invest thousands to paint their home and not love it

Our ColorShrink Saves Time, Energy, and Money

We understand that you want more.  We’ve painted over 1,200 homes since our inception 4 years ago.  Our ColorShrink has been the color design expert on over 500 of those projects.  We’ve found that the people we’ve worked with on interior color design are happier with the final results and their experience, when compared to those who chose to decline our offer of free color design help.  Often times, the clients that declined our offer didn’t like their color choice and either paid us to paint their house twice or decided to “live with” their choice.  We want to help you avoid this! 

It’s simple – when you meet with our ColorShrink you’ll get buy-in from everyone in your home.  You’ll also avoid the wasted time of scouring neighborhoods, browsing the web, and watching countless HGTV shows all hoping to find the right inspiration for your home. 

The truth is – you are unique and so are your home and design choices.  Let us help you make the right choice for you.

What You’ll Have From Your Color Design Meeting

Any Home Project Is A Big Deal

Whether you do it yourself or call in the professionals it disrupts your routine. You need to consider this carefully, because you don’t want just anyone in your home or a cheap job that reflects the cheap price tag.

We work hard for our good reputation and we know it’s on the line every time we start a project. That’s why we won’t short change you with sloppy workmanship, materials, or shortcuts that reflect on our work.

It’s been said that the price is the amount you pay for the job, but the real cost is what you pay when it isn’t done right and you’re unhappy with the process or results.