Industry Leading 9 Year Warranty

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Learn More About Our Industry Leading 9 Year Warranty 

Alliance Painting warrants the workmanship of all its residential painting projects for a full 9 years!  If it is found that any paint and/or carpentry repairs are necessary to be made that have resulted from defective workmanship, Alliance Painting will arrange to have the repairs scheduled & addressed as soon as possible after the inspection, at no additional cost to the homeowner. 

Our warranty is transferable should the property change hands during the warranty period 



Drywall repairs, wood touching at ground level and horizontal surfaces such as a decks (where pooling can occur) are not covered under this warranty. However, if the failure has been caused by an outside force such as impact or moisture, Alliance Painting will inform the homeowner of the problem, and provide a competitive bid to repair the damaged area prior to any work being performed.

Why Have an Industry Leading 9 Year Warranty Period?

Our industry leading warranty allows us to:
                     *   Monitor our workmanship over a longer period of time
                     *   Evaluate the aging process of the paint to determine if we are using the best products
                     *  Solidifies the confidence we have in the processes we use
                     *  Allows us to cultivate and maintain our client relationships over a longer period of time


We have heard countless times from clients who had there home painted several years ago – when we ask who painted it last time, the response we typically receive is, “I can’t remember who it was but they did a good job.”.   We want folks to know we’re here for them and we stand behind our work.  

To help us leverage and honor our 9 Year Warranty, we will use only the highest quality paint products that stand the “test of time”.  We have partnered with Sherwin-Williams to solidify exclusive terms for the use of Lifetime Warranty Paints.  Sherwin-Williams has been critical to our success and we’re grateful for the relationship we have with them.    
We offer the best residential painting warranty in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.  The evolution of Alliance Painting is positioning us to better serve our current and future client base.
 This warranty is only valid on residential projects.